Monday, May 22, 2017

Hello old friends.

Well it has been a good long time now. I don't have any big news to share. This website was the home page of The Airlock, the business that had a set of Tesla II cockpit simulators available for public play for five and a half years starting in about 2009 in Kirkland WA. I have been getting some people contacting me lately asking about booking events. I guess some of the old contact info was still up here. It came to my attention recently that the site had picked up some spam bot comments and stuff like that.

So I have cleaned the page up now. I am leaving the links to facebook and twitter also. My old email to 'uglyman' a--t this do--main still works too. Feel free to follow those social links. If I hear that pods have become available for public play again in the Northwest I will certainly post something about it. 

Our old pods are in the hands of some collectors taking very good care of them for the future. If they ever want to use this site to make an announcement or take over the social media accounts, they will be welcome to it. In the meantime, another round of thank you's from Jon and I for all the fun times we had playing with you all. Having been one of the fortunate few to get to open and operate a pod site I know that there is always a chance it will come around again. When it does I hope to see you there.

You can check out my new blog site at for some linux projects and other stuff I am working on.

Stay in touch!